Power Steering Service
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Discover how important it is to repair a vehicle's steering system for safe driving

Power Steering Service Express Care Scarborough

Your car’s Power Steering system is an integral part of the vehicle. While the system can fail and you’ll still have the ability to steer, you’ll find that the wheel is much harder to turn. Obviously, it’s important to have the system serviced and maintained properly. If you see a warning in the message center that reads, “Service power steering,” it means that there’s a condition that has been detected requiring immediate service. Have your car inspected immediately.

Vehicle Steering

The steering system of a motor vehicle is composed of many elements to maintain or to direct the trajectory of the tires . Mainly composed of parts under the vehicle, the steering system is a mechanical part whose integrity is important for both the safety of the vehicle and of its passengers. When it comes to the inspection of the vehicle, our experts check all parts directing the vehicle, as well as assisting components. At Valvoline Express Care Scarborough, all maintenance and repair services for the vehicle steering are done with care and in detail, all for the safety of your car.