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What do you get from a Valvoline Express Care Oil Change?

When you visit us and bring your vehicle to Valvoline Express Care Scarborough, You are guaranteed the best service and our technicians will help and assist you with all your questions and needs. When you schedule an oil change with us, we thoroughly check and inspect your vehicle with a standard service checklist to make sure your vehicle is in its best shape. Some of the checks include:

and much more. We also vacuum the interior of your vehicle and wash the exterior windows.

There are various benefits associated with conducting oil changes on a car. However, the main one is to keep the car engine running smoothly. While many car owners conduct oil changes on a regular basis, there are those who often ignore the issue, and these people will face problems with the engine. To remind the latter car owner of why a car oil change is important and advantageous, this article will provide information on the various benefits of an oil change.

Most cars can go at least 5,000 miles before an oil change. Change your car's engine oil every three months, or 3,000 miles.

Why Should I Have An Oil Change?

The main reason any car should have an oil change is to ensure the engine MotorOilcontinues to function optimally. It is the oil in the engine that lubricates all the engine’s parts allowing the device to run effectively. As time passes, the oil will disintegrate and lose viscosity; this means it becomes thick and “gummy” resulting in difficulty with lubrication of the various parts. The debris from the engine will clog up the filter and enter the oil, contributing to the disintegration and increasing any chance of malfunctioning in the engine.

As can be imagined, this clogging and poor lubrication can be a problem for the engine and the overall functioning of the car. By having regular oil changes and keeping the oil fresh, it is possible to prolong the life of the engine and keep the car running effectively.