Belts / Hoses Service
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Fix your vehicle's belts and hoses for any signs of wear damage

Belts / Hoses Service Express Care Scarborough

Belts and hoses are crucial in keeping your vehicle running properly. Belts drive systems such as the air conditioning, power steering, and water pump. Hoses are what the antifreeze travel through to keep the vehicle engine running cool. We recommend having a qualified Valvoline Express Care Auto Service technician inspect belts and hoses with every oil change.

Benefits of Belts & Hoses

When compared to other components in your car, belts and hoses have one of the shortest life spans. These items are constantly exposed to engine heat, vehicle vibrations, and harmful chemicals, which all have the potential to cause cracks and leaks.

Some symptoms to be aware of for belts and hoses nearing failure include squeaking, screeching, or grinding noises that begin when starting your engine or appear during vehicle operation.

In the long run, routine maintenance and replacements of your vehicle’s belts and hoses will prevent breakdowns and costly repairs.