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How often does my car need its oil changed?

Oil keeps your engine running smooth. It is very important to keep up to date with your oil changes. How often your car needs its changed depends on a wide variety of factors. If in doubt, look in your car’s owner manual to find the recommended time interval between oil changes.

The easiest way to make sure you’re changing your vehicles oil frequently enough is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. You can find that information in your car’s owner manual. Toyota also offers a comprehensive scheduled maintenance program that will tell you exactly when you need to bring your vehicle in for regular oil changes, depending on the model and year.

Why change your oil?

There are alot of benefits to get an oil change for your vehicle. Oil is cheaper than an engine, getting your vehicles oil change on time will prevent future problems occuring with its engine

Top reasons why you should bring your vehicle in for regular oil changes:

What are some uses of Antifreeze?

Antifreeze is found in your car’s radiator and is typically refilled by pouring it into a separate reservoir connected to the radiator. This is necessary because directly pouring it into the radiator can be dangerous and might result in burns if the engine hasn’t cooled. The liquid travels in a circular pattern out from the radiator and is driven by the water pump.

Next, the fluid enters the engine where it removes combustion-generated heat, then it moves through the heater core, the unit that supplies heat to the vehicle’s cabin. Finally, the coolant returns to the radiator where the heat is jettisoned. The cycle repeats itself as long as the engine is running.

Check your owner’s manual for guidance on how to change or fill the antifreeze. New antifreeze is typically sold as a 100 percent solution, but it should be mixed evenly with distilled water to create a 50-50 blend. Yes, you can also buy a pre-diluted solution featuring a 50-50 blend.

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Can motor oil significantly improve horsepower?

Yes. Motor oil formulas with friction modifiers and additives help to improve horsepower. Lower viscosity (lighter) oils can improve horsepower providing that they separate moving parts and maintain engine durability. The optimum oil viscosity for a given engine is specified by the automotive manufacturer.

Does motor oil expire? If not, how long does motor oil generally last?

Valvoline motor oils do not have documented expiration dates. When stored under optimal conditions, the product remains stable for an extended period of time. It can be used as long as the American Petroleum Institute (API) rating on the label continues to meet or exceed the requirements listed in your car’s owner’s manual. If the rating is still current, we advise you shake the container before use to blend any additives that may have settled.